Kitchen renovation in Estepona, and Sotogrande

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Renew your old kitchen in less than 30 days and fill your home with charm

Nireva3’s team of tilers and masons is waiting for you.

Do you have a tight budget or are you looking for a kitchen hassle-free renovation?

Still, you can enjoy a new, modern, more functional kitchen that reduces your bills.

Why look for a Kitchen Design & tiling service in Estepona, and Sotogrande?.

At Nireva3 we take care of everything so that you can dedicate yourself to what matters most to you.

Our kitchen designer helps you from the design to the final touches.

Did you know that the Government is giving subsidies and tax deductions to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Estepona, and Sotogrande?

Kitchen Design & tiling in Sotogrande  - Nireva3

Tiling services in Estepona, and Sotogrande

Nireva3 tilers give a modern new look to your wall and floor coverings.

We help you with tiles of any size, such as kitchen backsplashes, tiled kitchens and underfloor heating.

Nireva3’s team of designers are happy to give their advice and recommendations during the planning stage.

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Whether it’s tiling a wet room with mosaics, a kitchen with contemporary wall tiles, or a living space with polished large-format tiles, its professional finish will keep you happy for years to come.

We also offer a range of other tiling services including heat pump and underfloor heating installation, 

We can assist with levelling uneven floors and removing existing tiles. With the Nireva3 team of plasterers, you get top-quality service at all times.

Whether you simply need to modernise your kitchen cabinets and countertops or a complete renovation of your entire kitchen, the kitchen decorators of Nireva3 can help you achieve your renovation goals.

Our team of professional electricians in Estepona, and Sotogrande can install new overhead and under-cabinet lighting.

We’ll hang drywall, paint your kitchen walls and ceilings, and install new eco-friendly flooring and baseboards if you so desire.

Whatever your personalised kitchen renovation project requires, the team at Nireva3 has you covered.

Kitchen Design & tiling in Sotogrande  - Nireva3

You have different options in your kitchen installation if you have a tight budget or if you want a hassle-free kitchen renovation

Kitchen furniture

You can change only the doors of the kitchen cabinets or even paint them.


The floor can be covered with micro cement since it can be installed on the old floor, without having to lift it, as long as it is level. and can be restored in case of cracks. The drawback is that it is a floor that scratches and the blows remain marked.


You can paint the walls or floor tiles with acrylic paint or special glaze for tiles as it is resistant to moisture and grease. Before painting it is necessary to apply a sealing layer against humidity. You can take the opportunity to paint a corner with chalkboard paint, it will give a modern and casual look to your new kitchen and it is very useful when it comes to writing down topics that you should remember, leaving messages for your family or a place where your children can paint. while you cook and make you smile to see their works of art.


Change the countertop, you will be surprised to see how the kitchen changes with that detail.


Don’t forget about lighting. Your new kitchen will earn a lot of points if you install LED lines in the lower part of the upper or lower furniture.

You will also make your kitchen more sustainable if you replace the general lighting with LEDs. You will see how you notice it immediately on your next electricity bill, the energy savings are remarkable, and its useful life is much longer.


Renewing the faucet will give a new personality to your kitchen, it does not involve excessive spending and, most importantly, it will help you reduce water consumption. The new generations of taps incorporate devices that can reduce water consumption by 50%, thereby improving your budget and helping the environment.


Dress your kitchen windows with screens, they are the most practical option. Its fabric, made of PVC-coated fibreglass threads, does not deform or discolour by the sun and a damp cloth is enough to keep it in perfect condition. Also, you can choose them with the most open or closed plot, depending on whether you need more or less clarity.

Kitchen Design & tiling in Sotogrande  - Nireva3

Kitchen extension in Estepona, and Sotogrande

An extension can be a great way to get the space you need without incurring the cost and hassle of moving home.

As with any major work, there is a lot to consider from space to the kitchen extension cost. You might also need to think about permission.

A small kitchen diner extension may not need permission whereas alterations to a listed building always require consent for example.

Nireva3 in Mallorca can manage the entire design for you whether you’re looking for a stylish kitchen-diner extension or kitchen conservatory extension. Both styles can have the potential to boost your property’s value and energy efficiency as well as give you a space you and your family will enjoy.

If you are worried about the stress involved in renovating, don’t be. A renovation and extension project can mean upheaval, but once we are instructed, Nireva3 will work with you to minimise disruption to your daily life.

Conscious of the environment?

At Nireva3, we help you enjoy the advantages and efficiency of renewable energies, installing pump heat, solar panels or biomass boilers in Estepona, and Sotogrande.

Do you want to know more?

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