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At Nireva3 we have a special and quality service for you in Estepona, and Sotogrande from interior decoration, design and improvement of your garden to home renovations, or perhaps you want to renovate your home to increase its value before you sell it?

Maybe you are interested in improving your home’s sustainability and are looking to save on your bills.

Imagine having a garden or terrace where you can have events to remember

Reforma jardin barato

Each garden tells a story about its owners.

Why look for a Landscaping service in Estepona, and Sotogrande?

We help people with busy schedules

That’s why we take care of everything from design to completion.

You will love the result.

A unique design for your garden with Nireva3

The first step in any project is to define your needs

At Nireva3 we help you breathe new life into your garden with full service from design, proper facilities, and after-care if desired, for Estepona, and Sotogrande residents.

Do you have a large garden where you would like to enjoy different areas?

And if you create a space to grow fresh fruits and vegetables that you can bring to your mouth and an infinity of flavours and captivating sensations invade you?.

Large projects are often difficult to manage for clients.
By taking care of everything and with effective communication, we minimize any type of concern.

Landscaping in Sotogrande

A captivating garden could increase the value of your property in in Estepona, and Sotogrande.

We will help you with our experience and commercial vision.

Or perhaps you are one of the bold and you are wondering if you could make a small garden in the stairwell?.
We give life to your thoughts, producing attractive 3D designs so you can visualise your ideas clearly

Imagine meeting with your loved ones in your new garden sharing memories, songs and laughter


Imagine lying sunbathing in a hammock surrounded by flowers scents and nature sounds

When embarking on a project, it is not easy to coordinate the schedules of each person involved. Leave everything in our hands. We will keep you informed without requiring additional effort on your part. You will save time to dedicate to what matters to you.

We bring your thoughts to life by providing attractive 3D designs to make them easy for you.

You will have a clear vision of how will look when it is completed, allowing you to be aware of the plants, flowers and spaces and ensure that this was the idea you had before starting the project.

You will have a clear vision of how your project will look when it is finished. It will allow you to be aware of the distribution of plants, flowers and spaces distribution and ensure that this was the idea you had before starting the project. This way we also save time.

These steps guarantee your final satisfaction.

What are you waiting to start enjoying?

Landscaping and Garden Design in Sotogrande - Nireva3

Do you have a small garden? Or maybe you are thinking of building an affordable pool?

Landscaping and Garden Design in Sotogrande - Nireva3

Can you imagine being there right now?

You don’t need to have time, we take care of everything.

Your idea can come true now.

Landscaping and Garden Design in Aberdeen - Nireva3

Imagine having your favourite coffee now in your new garden in Estepona, and Sotogrande with the sun warming your face on a Sunday morning, reading that book that you can’t put down, the atmosphere and history transporting you to dream places.


It is important to plan well the spaces in your new garden.

Imagine yourself in a private oasis listening to the hypnotizing sound of the water running near you

Because there are many different styles and features to think about, we pay great attention to detail.

Making improvements to your garden in Estepona, or Sotogrande can be a challenge.

Once you tell us what you are looking for, we help you visualize how it would look with our 3D design, so the execution can be more efficient, saving time and costs.

Garden design involves creativity as well as technical knowledge of all the elements, such as flowers, plants, trees, topography, and so on without forgetting the special qualities of some gardens, pathways, steps, furniture, outdoor kitchens, entrance doors, lighting, swimming pools, spas, fireplaces, fountains or waterfalls we select low maintenance plants with incredible appearance to ensure environmental sustainability.

We take the weather into account to improve results and use the most cost-effective methods ensuring the best results for your garden draining. This gets even better; with a low voltage lighting system and led light a low voltage lighting system and led light, you can continue enjoying your garden at nightfall in a dreamy environment

Jardín con flores

Your new garden will welcome you in an environment that will make you travel through memories and fill the time with laughter in those moments without worries

You can customize each part of your campfire, even the materials you burn or if it has gas connected. Many customers choose to put a glass to add an extra design.

Planters are an economic and fast solution to make your garden attractive, saving time and money

Consider the possibility of artificial grass. They are of very high quality and you will not be able to distinguish them from the real one neither in appearance nor in touch.

It also provides advantages such as low maintenance, durability and always looks good

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor space is big or small. You can add elements such as an obelisk, modern fountains, decorative pieces or statues that will give it an extra glamour

Imagine having that new fence giving you privacy and security while reflecting your own taste.

No two gardens are the same. Each has its own unique set of features and we consider many different types of designs when we install a new fence.

We will tell you about the different fence options available as well as the colours and materials.

What stops you from beginning to enjoy now?

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