This is how we will carry out your project:

We can hold meetings through your preferred medium to find out what you need so we will save you time and adjust to your schedule. From here we maintain effective and continuous communication through WhatsApp, Telegram, email or call.

We make a detailed study of what you want and we establish the budget to create a unique piece that adapts to your style, modernizes your space and brings charm, comfort and functionality to your home

We develop the qualities of design, space planning, color scheme and select the materials, finishes, fabrics, lighting, furniture and decorative accessories and you will decide on the proposed products

We show you your design in 3D to confirm details, colours and style.

When you have approved the design and selections. We take measurements and photos of the spaces

We start the execution process

If your project is a renovation, this is also the phase in which we work with the architect to develop the construction documents. We make sure that each step of your project is carried out in accordance with the regulations, protocols and established deadlines. We take care of administrative procedures in the City Council.

We plan, manage and review the budget.

We coordinate with the different unions to implement the objectives and deadlines

We carry out the purchase, delivery management and accounting of the different materials and products.

We start the works.

We will keep you updated with everything related to the project so that you can dedicate your time to what matters most to you

We check that all floors, tiles, plumbing and other electrical items are installed according to plan, working properly and looking amazing

We solve the unforeseen.

We visit the home to ensure that the execution goes within the deadlines
It is time for the final touches, putting the furniture, cleaning and hanging the pictures.

After everything is perfect, we take pictures and a new stage begins for you where you will enjoy showing your new home, proud, to your loved ones with laughter and emotions.

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