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Become a real estate investor. From €13,000. Real estate crowdfunding.

For you, investor:

Growing a portfolio of properties is not that simple. Leave it in our hands. We carefully select high-income properties investment. Tell us what you want and we will get it for you.

You no longer have to spend hours crawling through real estate portals.

The best real estate investment opportunities in Marbella, Estepona, and Sotogrande are rarely advertised. Contact us and start winning, otherwise, it will be difficult to find them

Are you wondering if you will find what you are looking for here?

This is for:

you, Investor, looking to expand or start your portfolio of properties in Costa de, Sol or Cadiz

You, who want support and advice on real estate investments, adapt it to your circumstances and personal projects.

We help you get properties off the market. In Nireva3 you have access to properties with at least 8% profitability

At Nireva3 we have our investor database

We have experience in all aspects of the real estate sector, buy to rent, short, medium and long term rentals, rent by rooms, change of uses or buy, reform and sell

We manage homes with problems that real estate agencies avoid

Property investments

Do you want me to tell you a secret about your real estate investments, whether they are sales or rentals?

Multiply the return on your real estate investments in Marbella, Estepona or Sotogrande with Nireva3


Do you think that you cannot start investing in euros because you have little money?

Crowdfunding will help you. Put your € 13,000 savings to work.

Or do you want to diversify your funds in a range of projects, traditional rental, tourist rental, by rooms? or combine different active types in your portfolio?

Getting a property involves finding it, viewing it, negotiating the purchase, and completing the sale. The process can take months and effort and can be even more complicated if you do not live there.

Investing in property takes time and is often frustrating. Investing in homes, through crowdfunding, means that you will not have to deal with real estate agents, renovation companies, manage rents and rentals.

At Nireva3 we take care of all this for you.

We help you, investor or owner, to increase your income and get a faster return on your investments.

With our experience in Interior Design, Landscaping, home renovations, and the sale or rental of properties and especially in high-end homes, your properties in Costa del Sol, and Sotogrande will differ from those of your competitors by offering a higher quality and attractive product for the client.

Do you want to specialize in offering ecological and sustainable homes?

Our renovation service will transform the property into an ecological and sustainable home for those concerned about the environment. Is this your niche?

Euro investment: without secrets

Our extensive knowledge of the properties for sale in Marbella, Estepona, and Sotogrande, together with our expert collaborators in each area, bank negotiators, appraisers, and tax advisers, is the key to helping you obtain the most profitable real estate investments.

At Nireva3 we understand what you are looking for in a real estate investment in Costa del Sol, or Cadiz.

We help you, whether you are a private investor or an investment fund. Marbella, Estepona, or Sotogrande is your destination.

We are experts in offering attractive investment results in Malaga, and Cadiz.

We get the best opportunities by taking advantage of our network of specialized contacts.

From here, our team of Interior Decorators and Home improvement contractors work their magic to add value to properties that entice homebuyers.

We do all this so that you, investor, get maximum profitability.

After finishing the purchase of a property for you, our work has only just begun, now we use all our experience, skills, and knowledge transforming real estate assets to enhance the value of your investment.

Mallorca, the dream place for real estate investors

The Mallorca property market is in great demand. Factors such as the Mediterranean lifestyle are one of the reasons for the continued interest in island properties.

The real estate agency Engel & Völkers Mallorca has reported hugely positive figures, reflecting the boom in the market in Mallorca. Transaction volumes have doubled since last year

From January to June 2021, a total volume of transactions of approximately 341 million euros was traded. This is more than double that in the same period last year.


The reasons for Mallorca’s real estate boom are a shorter time to sell properties, the interest of international buyers and the greater willingness to buy in the premium segment.

Between January and June 2021, the average sale price recorded by Engel & Völkers for residential properties in Mallorca was 1.68 million euros.

International buyers are driving the luxury real estate market

Hofer comments: “Some of our clients have now decided to relocate or even downsize their main residence in order to invest in larger apartments or holiday homes in Mallorca.

Remote work and the selection of 19 international schools mean that professionals and families tend to spend more time than ever in their second home in Mallorca ”.

The strong interest in the real estate sector in Mallorca is also reflected. In the first half of 2021, the number of customer inquiries received grew by 275%.

Hofer says: “Once again, Mallorca has proven its status as a safe haven for real estate investment”.

Why should you invest in Marbella and its surroundings?

Buyers are especially attracted to Marbella because it is the capital of quality real estate and lifestyle of the Costa del Sol, offering a full 12-month season not seen in any other resort city in the Mediterranean Basin. It has a low volume of construction, amazing sporting and golf facilities (there are 52 golf courses just in the province of Málaga) 12 and first-class infrastructure and services. Marbella offers some of the finest homes available for sale anywhere in the world.

There has been a great demand from successful young millennials with high purchasing power who choose only the best properties with a lot of privacy and the highest qualities,


If you are looking to invest in the quality of life and privacy is important to you, your place is Sotogrande.

You will find exclusive villas in gated communities. You will have a safe life for yourself and your family in a quiet environment, surrounded by nature.

 Investors are looking for this luxury enclave to capitalize on the high demand for properties in Sotogrande.

You will find a club of members that is dedicated to the privacy of its clients and to attend to their wishes.

Sotogrande is home to the best golf courses in Spain, Valderrama (ranked 1) and Real Sotogrande (ranked 3).

You will also find an 18-hole championship golf course, designed by Cabell B Robinson, which has been awarded for its incredible service and placed 36th in Golf World magazine’s 100 best resorts ranking in Europe. continental.

It exists with a modern racket club with clay tennis courts and paddle tennis courts and a rugby club.

The area is famous for its polo and offers excellent facilities to enjoy this sport, as well as a riding school.

The marina is a boaters paradise and several sailing schools teach children and adults how to make the most of life at sea.

You will enjoy beautiful sandy beaches.

You have activities for children throughout the year, with tennis, golf and horse riding lessons.

The Sotogrande International School (SIS), is considered one of the leading schools in Spain.


In addition to multiplying your investment, can also generate additional positive impacts such as:

environmental – improving the energy efficiency of properties and providing zero-carbon energy to occupants

social – benefiting the communities in which we invest by helping people want to live and work there.

Real estate investments: sale or rent?

In addition to negotiating your real estate assets, at Nireva3, your real estate investment company in Marbella, Estepona, or Sotogrande, we improve the performance of your investments with our additional property management service, increasing customer satisfaction and adding value to the property.

Our extensive network of contacts gets opportunities to invest in properties that are not yet on the market.

We know that investing in real estate can cost a significant amount, that is why you can also have access to real estate assets with Nireva3 for just a few thousand euros or pounds

Management of your wealth

An Investment Manager uses detailed analysis, experience, and relationships to drive income and asset growth for investors.

We find the best solution to the management of your wealth.

At Nireva3, we help you build your wealth so that you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

And that’s not all, we build trusting relationships with our clients by focusing on your end goals.

Our team of advisers make sure to choose efficient investments for you from a tax point of view.

Property investments

The world of real estate can be complex and difficult to understand.

If you want to maximize your tax breaks
You are not sure which was the right investment for you
You don’t want to make costly mistakes
They don’t have time to regularly review your investments
Have you received an inheritance and you need help?
You are getting divorced and you want to sell the house
You want to invest efficiently, improve returns and minimize money losses due to taxation

Our team of specialists is waiting to help you

We listen to what you are looking for and find the best solution for you

Inversiones en Marbella

Your properties will stand out from those of your competitors by offering an attractive and higher quality product.

This is guaranteed with our experience in interior design, landscaping, home renovations and sale or rental of properties, especially in high-end properties.

Property Investments in Marbella, Estepona, or Sotogrande

Nireva3 has a complete understanding of the investor’s goals, development process, and issues to consider to increase returns while controlling costs and reducing lead times.

We select the finishing touches according to the target market you are targeting, we adjust the budgets and remain at the forefront of design to obtain the best value for the property.

We work closely with you, investor, through risk assessment, budget calculation, legal aspects, local laws and regulations, permits, project execution, and ultimately, commercialisation of the finished property.

With the knowledge acquired through a large family of entrepreneurs together with a specialized touch for details and widely informed knowledge of materials, furniture and decorative objects, we will help you increase the value of your project from a commercial point of view.

Modern spaces in the real estate market

At Nireva3 we turn your investment property for sale or rent into a modern, functional and attractive home for buyers. We transform it to increase your income and reduce the property’s time on the market whether you have a home to rent or a home for sale.

Do you want to increase the profitability of your property by converting it into a holiday in Costa del Sol or Cadiz?. We help you to convert your holiday home so that those who visit it have an unforgettable stay and promote your property among their friends on their return.

If you sell luxury homes, Nireva3 will provide you with an additional service for the best Landscaping so that your property is the one chosen by the buyer

Do you want to turn your property into student accommodation in Estepona, or Marbella where you want to offer unique experiences? We will work together to make your business idea come true.

Maximising value

Tell us what you want, leave the rest in our hands so that you can dedicate yourself to what matters most to you.

Investment disclaimer

Investments carry risk. The value of your investment can go up or down. Historical data and forecasts are not safe indicators.

We provide you with information to help you make your own decisions.

You may not be able to collect your investment whenever you want.

Why invest in Majorca?

Around 10 million tourists practice sports during their stay in Spain according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Rafa Nadal has helped make the island a popular destination for athletes and fans.

The Rafa Nadal International School. It is attracting many families from the US, and Europe to Mallorca because their talents can better combine competitive sport with school obligations and thus meet like-minded people from all over the world.

The interest of parents, who encourage a competitive spirit in their children from an early age and who sacrifice much of their time and invest money in it, according to Porta Mallorquina Real Estate.

The promotion of Spanish talent has become a model to follow at an international level, especially in golf, basketball, and football.
In summer, the little ones are usually sent to month-long sports camps, where tennis is played in the morning and swimming is practiced in the afternoon.
These camps start at the end of June and end at the beginning of September and now the tourists also go. Many are held in English so that you can learn a language at the same time.

Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for these holiday camps because there are the right facilities and you can find celebrities who come to give autographs.

In addition to tennis and sailing, golf is also very important on the island. There are 22 clubs that sell around 650,000 “green fees” a year, which corresponds to around 150,000 golf tourists according to data from the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca and the CAEB.
The income related to this activity is very high because business and group trips are also organized, mostly for people with high incomes.

The climate is ideal on the island, some hotels are specializing in this type of training camp, and the infrastructure of public swimming pools, athletics, and tennis courts has been adapting to the growing demand over the years. Even in Palma, people can now run many kilometers along the sea and bicycles have conquered the city for a long time.

While the southwest of Mallorca is attracting millionaires who love yachting.

According to the Center for Real Estate Studies (CRES) of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute (STI), the real estate offers in 2022 in Mallorca shows a decrease of 18% compared to last year.

Houses and chalets have an increasingly higher representation in terms of quantity, with 70% of the total offer. However, the decrease in supply affects, even more, the already scarce supply of apartments.

Investments in Majorca

It is observed that the supply of luxury properties has decreased by 26.5% and in the simple category by 4.5%.

In the North and Northwest, a decline of more than 40% in the number of luxury properties is observed.

However, prices have risen throughout Mallorca. In general, the price has risen 4.5% to 5,309 euros/m2.

Since the modification of the Tourism Law in 2017/2018, new buildings can no longer obtain a rental license in the first 5 years after completion. This means that in the coming years it will be difficult to find new buildings with a rental license.

Investment in Estepona

Another deciding factor in new buildings is the new regulations governing the size of new properties. There is a political intervention in the market to stop the proliferation of large luxury villas. The new regulations are much stricter regarding the maximum size of newly built properties, regardless of lot size.

Likewise, the construction of a swimming pool that would have been classified in this study as a superior or luxury category is no longer possible. Now only a size of 8m x 4m is allowed.

This will likely have a long-term effect on the price and trim level of new properties. Affluent buyers, who in the past would have preferred new construction, are likely to become more interested in upgraded pre-existing buildings; or smaller new buildings will be a little more luxurious in the future.

Since 2015, prices have risen around 37% across the island. The city of Palma and the southwest have been the most benefited, with just over 50% each. Even in the somewhat more volatile center, an increase in value of almost 9% is observed. These figures are proof of the aforementioned stability. Inflation in the eurozone stood at around 7.8% in the same period.

Even so, the price level in Mallorca is lower than in Europe.
When compared to the European real estate market, the prices of the middle segment of homes in the main regions of Mallorca continue to be below the prices in the main European cities.
In the superior property segment, prices are more similar.

Concern for the environment is a trend and a new business model. We help you make your properties green and sustainable so that you specialize within a growing market niche while helping to save the planet.

Do you want to know more ?. You have more information specialized in our Sustainability services

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