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Green Homes in Estepona, and Sotogrande

Buildings are responsible for 40% of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, such as CO2 which causes the greenhouse effect or SO2 which causes acid rain.

Another important factor in achieving a low-energy home is tightness. The Blower Door test makes it possible to measure air infiltrations in buildings and detect air intakes.

With the analysis of low-carbon technologies, the monthly energy needs for each use of the home are quantified and the ease of obtaining them through renewable energies available in the environment is evaluated: wind, solar, geothermal, recovery of industrial processes, etc.

Photovoltaic tiles, bioplastics, fibre panels of plant origin, resins and self-healing materials by bacteria, etc. Alternatives to concrete and metals, the main responsible for emissions from construction, are already a reality.

The environment is evaluated: wind, solar, geothermal, recovery of industrial processes, etc.


Any project, large or small, can be another step towards an increasingly green home.

Make your home in Estepona, and Sotogrande sustainable

There are many good reasons to make your home more sustainable when you are considering making changes to your home. A green renovation helps reduce the impact on the environment. It also means a better place to live for you and yours, healthier, with lower monthly costs and your home will acquire a greater economic value. A home to be proud of.

At Nireva3 we help you start a more sustainable and healthy life.

A greener home starts with planning

There are many options to make good environmental decisions for your refurbishment or renovation, more efficient appliances, insulation, windows and heating equipment. Many of the current products offer better performance with less environmental impact.

Energy evaluation

An energy efficiency audit is a great starting point to begin your green project. It will provide you with the guidelines to make your home efficient and make productive the sustainable renovation of your home.

An energy assessment may involve a visual inspection but also the use of thermal imaging with infrared cameras to detect energy loss. Using a fan collects unwanted airflow is collected through cracks surrounding entry points, such as windows and ceilings.

An evaluation of this type generally costs a few hundred pounds but the investment would be worth it.

We also have sustainable home assessments for real estate developers, architects, and self-build enthusiasts as we also have sustainable home assessments, heat loss and water efficiency calculations, low / zero carbon technology feasibility studies, daylight and U-value calculations and we can organize SAP calculations. We can tender all or part of a construction project.

Let’s start the change

Our home in Estepona, and Sotogrande should perspire rather than accumulate toxic gases, natural and artificial radiation, or toxic emissions.

Home maintenance should be optimal, with ecological materials that donā€™t lead to significant environmental impact

Using biocompatible electrical installations, electromagnetic fields produced by installations with faulty grounding or insulation, excess motorization or wiring, would be eliminated or minimised.

Our houses must be healthy spaces free of radiation.
A careful study of the house will allow identifying the sources that contaminate the place. Determine its origin, type and degree of danger.

In a Bio Passive construction, the house maintains optimum air quality whilst eliminating unwanted particles as well as pollen, mites, dust, etc. through filters. using continuous ventilation
Suitable for people with allergy problems or respiratory conditions

Green Houses - Nireva3

Design in Estepona, and Sotogrande

Double glazing windows and insulation can cut your home’s electric bill by 30 per cent. Here are some important sustainable options to consider:

An important part of the design is the physical orientation of your home and how it interacts with the seasons.

If you are embarking on a major renovation project, you may consider assigning a different location to some spaces. For example, the living room, where you spend f your time, if available, should be south facing. This will give you maximum sun and heat during the winter, reducing the cost of heating your home.

With a smart placement of windows and skylights, you can also increase the natural light.

The windows facing east and west provide light throughout the day and with the skylights, you will have natural light in the darkest places of your home. According to a study carried out by Danosa, the use of skylights in a home can reduce light consumption by up to 30%, Danosa explains that the direct natural light provided by the skylights avoids the use of artificial light and therefore electricity consumption for a few hours a day.

The exterior colour of your home will also make a difference. If you are in a warm climate, head towards light colours for a cooling effect. That is one of the reasons why a dark exterior, even black, is common in colder countries as it stays hotter.

Landscaping in Estepona, and Sotogrande: Deciduous trees provide shade during the summer and maximize heat and light during the winter when their leaves fall. The best place to achieve this effect is to plant trees on the south and west side of a house.

Green Houses - Nireva3

Replacing your old traditional light bulb with energy-saving light bulbs, insulating and sealing your building envelope are some of the steps to minimize your homeā€™s energy consumption. Investing in a modernisation project like this can save you money and help reduce the damage to our environment.

Ideas for a more sustainable home:


If you don’t want to reuse anything, someone else is likely to do it. Non-profit and charity organizations make that exchange easy. They remove your old furniture and appliances after assessing their value and then resell them. This has additional advantages as in some instances it may benefit your income statement. Also, you do not have to take care of contributing to landfills.


Giving new life to what you already have is a simple way to reduce the carbon footprint of your renovation.

Give a new look to your current kitchen furniture with non-toxic paint. Alternatively, you can also just change the doors and handles.

Reusing your home items reduces negative aspects such as manufacturing and transport emissions involved in producing brand-new items, it will reduce the waste of your renovation project and help reduce the budget you need.

Second hand

Using previously used items requires removing less raw material from the soil.

Green Houses - Nireva3

Sealing drafts around the home

An incredible amount of energy is wasted when warm air escapes or cold air enters from the outside. Your heating system has to work much harder if there is a continuous current from a crack in a door or window.

Weatherstripping or sealing your home. Foam or rubber material that can be cut to fit different dimensions can be placed around doors and windows improving insulation and reducing drafts.

Low-emissivity windows

The low-E glass allows minimal ultraviolet and infrared rays through your windows. Its coating keeps the interior temperature constant by keeping it inside and preventing it from escaping. About 30 per cent of heating and air conditioning energy is lost through windows and doors.

The low-emission, double-glazed pane windows make the home much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as the glass absorbs heat in the summer and cold in the winter, improving the efficiency of your heating systems and refrigeration.

Low-E coating does double duty by reflecting energy from the outside and inside. For example, in the summer, it reflects the heat from the sun and the cold from the air conditioning inside the house. If you are thinking of changing your windows, this is your chance to use Low-E windows or add a low-E coating layer to what you already have.

Exteriors insulation

Insulation will improve the efficiency of your home in Estepona, and Sotogrande. The outdoor climate has less impact on your indoor temperature. However, some insulation products have certain advantages. Recycled cotton and cellulose insulation are made from 80 per cent recycled materials, other companies use recycled glass to make products meet reclaimed materials guidelines. This prevents material from clogging landfills while improving the energy efficiency of your home.

When choosing insulation material, they must not contain harmful substances and volatile organic compounds. In this article on Building an ecological house, you can learn more about insulation.

Materials of poor quality are likely to increase energy bills.

Ecological insulation comes from renewable natural resources or recycled materials. Therefore, they are not pollutants or emit toxic substances, they do not represent a danger to people.

They are mostly porous materials that allow the wall to breathe.

Green Houses In Sotogrande - Nireva3

Adding vertical gardens and green roofs will increase the insulation and efficiency of your property. Studies carried out by the Universities of Toronto and Manchester showed that green roofs reduce heat loss and energy consumption in winter as well as help lower temperatures in summer, especially in urban areas.

Inside your home in Estepona, and Sotogrande:

A family spends an average of 90% of their time indoors. A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that the air inside our home is ten times more polluted than the air outside.

A major source of indoor pollution is volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which give off gases in many building materials, carpets, or furniture. Exposure to these chemicals can cause a variety of symptoms of headaches, eye irritation, and more severe effects.

We find ourselves in the market with the ridiculous name of “Ecological PLASTIC, VINYL OR ACRYLIC Paints“, when these paints contain harmful synthetic ingredients derived from petroleum but the lack of legislation means that not all components need to be listed in the labelling or technical sheets of the product.

Luckily, we have natural paints, which are breathable so they regulate humidity and allow the house to ā€œbreatheā€ creating a healthy indoor atmosphere without humidity.

Surfaces painted with natural products attract less dust, which is very beneficial for allergy sufferers, or prone to being allergic. If you would like to know more, do not miss this article on sustainable architecture.

At the moment, the only drawback is the price of such products since there is low demand, due to the usersā€™ lack of knowledge making the prices less competitive against traditional paints.

Choosing free or low VOC materials and products in your home renovation can help you live a healthier life.

Another important point towards environmental awareness is to choose kitchen furniture and bamboo flooring and woodwork with the European Union Ecolabel. Our professionals will help you with the ecological choices and ways to save on bills while helping to save the planet.

Do not miss this interesting guide made by Elemental.Green where explains how to convert each part of your home into eco-friendly.







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